• Building business relationships between Germany & South Africa. Since 2000.

    Researching and establishing strategic partners for your business in South-Africa, South-East Asia or Germany/Europe.

Services & Offering.

We define and believe Business Development encompasses the following main services:

  • Research and establish strategic partners for your business in South-Africa, South-East Asia or Germany/Europe
  • Support your business in penetrating new markets in South Africa, South East Asia and/or Germany/Europe
This includes the Identification, Analysis and penetration of new markets, representation at Trade Fairs and negotiations with identified partners.
  • Identify and analyze suitable products and services for trade into new markets
  • Organize Investment and Trade Missions to foreign countries for individuals or groups as well as for business and politics
  • Develop Investment and Trade Strategies for public and private sector

Projects worked on.

Providing a range of project management and consulting services across three continents and to a range of private companies and parastatal organisations.

Financial Management

  • Financial Management for a project of the European Union within the TACIS program in Russia through the German Fraunhofer Society, encompassing the setting up of reporting and monitoring procedures, fund allocations, contracting and financial monitoring of consultants and liaison with the relevant EU office
  • Consulting for a multi-sector business incubator in Munich
  • Consulting and coaching of entrepreneurs in business planning, financial planning, marketing and general management
  • Liaison with specialists from the Fraunhofer Research Society for specific technical assistance

Investment & Trade Promotion

  • Consulting the Eastern Cape Development Corporation in Investment and Trade Promotion, across the board of sectors including: Agriculture, Automotive, Medicinal and Aromatic plants, Aqua-culture, Film and Business Process Outsourcing
  • Strategic and operational planning with the Investment and Trade Promotion department as well as mentoring sector specialists
  • Design and execution of an awareness and marketing exhibition of the Eastern Cape Province across Europe

Project Management

  • Setting up the Project Management Centre for the Bayerische Landesbank, Munich, which included the implementation of the project controlling procedures and reporting system for the Board of Directors.
  • The design and implementation of the project schedule control system and mapping the strategy for project marketing

European Missions

  • Organizing and carrying out missions to Europe for public and private sector for the ECDC
  • Identifying potential investors based on identified key sectors and target countries
  • Organizing and executing promotional workshops and seminars together with international stakeholders
  • Liaison with foreign missions
  • Representation at international fairs and exhibitions
  • Setting up and conducting one-one meetings with decision makers

Small Town Development

  • Management and support of the Small Town Development Initiative – a project by a consortium of AHI, GIZ and National Department of Cooperative Government
  • Fostering dialogue between private and public sector in selected towns across South Africa
  • Organizing and facilitating workshops for the public and private sector for the purpose of joint planning and developing visions and common ground, together with public and private sector identify local economic development projects for the towns
  • Supporting young entrepreneurs in selected town

Companies worked with.


About & Testimonials.

TNPC is managed by Josef Neumeier – a specialist in Investment Promotion and Project Management.

Josef holds a Masters Degree in Management and Engineering (equivalent, German University). He specialised in Investment Promotion and Project Management and works with the private sector as well as with the public sector specifically in developmental services environment. In his over 20 years of professional experience Josef has worked within Europe, in Russia as well as in Asia and Africa. Josef has also been a trainer in Project Management and Intercultural Competency for the private sector and at University.

“Josef brought a tremendous wealth of knowledge, understanding, skill and experience to his position as advisor/project manager. His sound knowledge of strategic management, investment and trade promotion and international affairs/relations was of enormous support to the Investment and Trade Promotion Unit. With his know-how, experience and personality he was always able to define and create the necessary link between government and business, taking into account the mutual and necessary benefit for both the private and public sector.”

Noludwe Ncokazi | Director Development Services, ECDC

“Mr Neumeier posses strong organisational, supervising and leadership skills particularly emphasised by his talent and ability to handle people of different cultures and backgrounds. He is fluent in English and German and has travelled extensively within Central and Eastern Europe, Asia and the Middle East in order to attract new business. He proved himself to be a competent Project Engineer capable of assuming responsibilities in technical and commercial project matters requiring managerial and interpersonal skills.”

Dr Bernd Schulte-Middelich | Geschaftsfuhrer, Fraunhofer

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